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Personal Chef Eutace "Bucky" Audain

Bucky's Bio

Eustace "Bucky" Audain is the owner and creative force behind "Cafe Roam," his personal chef service that earned its name because he is willing to serve his guests at the location of their choice.

Although he is a native citizen of St. Kitts, Bucky's professional career in the Food and Beverage industry began more than 20 years ago while he was living in Canada. As a young waiter/bartender/wine steward at the Imperial Room of the Royal York Hotel in Toronto, he was introduced to the world of upscale dining.

After 7 productive years in Canada, he returned to his native land of Saint Kitts where he studied gourmet cooking under his mentor Irwin Brechbuehler, a world-class Austrian chef who owned and operated the Blue Horizon Restaurant.

Over the years, Bucky worked at a number of other fine eating establishments on Saint Kitts and Nevis, including the House of Arts in Basseterre and Hamilton Garden in Charlestown, Nevis. Before returning to Saint Kitts/Nevis several years ago, Bucky lived in England for while, where he had an opportunity to work with Gary Rhodes, one of England's best-known celebrity chefs.

Throughout his travels and experience, Bucky remains true to his passion: preparing a delicious meal and creating a delightful dining experience for his guests. Whether the event is elegant or casual, he makes sure each affair is unique and memorable.



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